Owned by Adrian, Melisa and Ari Montemayor, San Gregorio Ranch has been breeding the best quality Braford and Hereford cattle for the state and national beef industry for more than 50 years. We believe the quality of our operation speaks for itself. Our cattle have seen showring success, but more importantly, our breeding program is consistent. Butts and guts are our trademark. We design our breeding program around cattle that are deep and concise with a good foundation in legs and feet. Focusing on cattle that perform well in both the show ring and the pasture, we strive to add quality genetics to herds domestically and internationally beyond sales and banners.

A Proud and Powerful Herd.

Quality Runs Deep

Located in south Texas, San Gregorio Ranch has a long history that dates back to 1901 and has been passed down through the years – along with a deep love of cattle. Our herd brings together the best of docility, fertility and athleticism. Our customers return for more because of the calving ease and quality of the offspring. With correct conformation, they cover their tracks, are very sound and stay sound. Because they are raised in semi-arid south Texas, they use their resources well, especially when transferred to other regions of the country.

Our goal is elite cattle, and we only offer the best for sale. Reach out today to speak with us about adding one of our Braford bulls to your herd.


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